Trend history


Ever wonder where trends come from? How things just pop up, resurface or are reinvented.

It comes from the trend union. That’s right, someone gets paid for this. But even before the union, trends were always based on political, economic and social events.

1920’s where all about rebellion, bringing rising hemlines and plunging necklines in protest of prohibition.

The Great Depression in the 1930’s brought us industrial furniture.  With all metals being used for the war, furniture lines got thinner and smaller.

The absence of designers and wartime restrictions after WWII, forced women in the 40’s to creatively adapt and improvise when it came to choosing their wardrobe. Pencil skirts were popular because women couldn’t wear longer skirts due to government restrictions on the amount of materials used in garments. Utility clothing was born.

1950’s were about glamour which came from Hollywood. Wartime restrictions had been lifted, but fashion did not loosen its belts, housewives where still in frilly aprons. The younger generation used fashion to rebel, the Rock ‘n Roll attitude was introduced.

Women’s liberation in the 60’s was the start of women dancing separated from her partner. Hemlines were at their shortest as boots got higher.

Vietnam War brought us the hippie movement in the 70’s where people rebelled against government involvement I the war and people grew their hair in protest. There was a new found independence and surge of free thinkers.

The boom of technology in the 80’s brought us Yuppies. With young professionals’ incomes on the rise, it influenced the cars and clothing of this era. There were costumey takes on suits of business men, and Dynasty and Dallas took Lady Di’s wardrobe over the top.

The new Millennium consisted of a collaboration of clothes from the last 40 years. With concerns about the environment growing, eco clothing industry sprouted. Hip hop was also on the rise.

So, what will be next?




June is approaching

ImageJune is approaching and the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee is on my mind. I love learning and have signed up with some of the best forging and emaneling teachers. Along with my necessary tools, I’m also bringing along an aluminum hairspray can and tin cans to experiment with.  I’ll be learning techniques to manipulate metal with hammers as well as emameling glass onto metal. Oh, and  a class working with faux bone. How cool is that? Being a child at heart,  I’m excited for this adventure and the new friendships that will form. Besides that, what will I come up with next? Stay tuned…

Many hats

In my world, things sometimes happen in an unexplained  sequence. I wear many hats and I think I wear most of them well.  As a Indie business owner and jewelry designer, I am my photographer, web designer, graphic designer, production line, social media, etc.  I’ll  hammer metal at 8 am and pour resin at midnight. I’ll blog from a waiting room and design business cards from my laptop. This is how I operate and also how I keep from being bored.

Lately though, I just want to get my hands dirty, I want to make things. Lots of things. My new found love for working with metal, particularly recycled metal, has been so exciting! I recycle, repurpose, and have an eye like a hawk for found objects. I brought home a suitcase full of rocks from Seattle which will eventually be rings and necklaces.

So, the question is, which hat will I wear today? Don’t get me wrong, I love hats, but somedays, I’d like to retire a few…

Hello world, it’s me, Jomama..

JoMama is an Indie designer specializing in handmade accessories   made from recycled/ repurposed stuff.  Jomama was born out of a passion for unique things
and…a NEED to recycle. All items are one of a kind
eco-cool wearable fiber art and jewelry..most are made from found, vintage,
repurposed and salvaged stuff…because there’s only one earth.

I’ve been creating since I was a kid and I haven’t stopped!     I AM ALIVE! I love fashion, it’s an ever-changing art,…a continual evolution. I’m inspired by EVERYTHING. There’s nothing I can’t do!
I take a fun approach to fashion. I’m a little vintage, a little Boheme.
As an Environmental Ambassador, I like to repurpose things,   I’ll make something out of anything…my mind never sleeps..

Check it out…