On to my next project

So the Emmy’s are behind me and I have to say, what a ride! The excitement around #craftingtheemmys was incredible. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Now, on to my next project. 
I’ve connected with the great folks at the Makers Square in Fort Lauderdale to help with a Victorian themed Day of the Dead formal ball, Danse Macabre. Doesn’t that sound fun? 
Now I’m not normally into skulls, but I have to say I’ve been rocking it! 
Here’s a look at some of my skull jewelry. I’ve even worked in some items for the guys. These one of a kind pieces have still got a little of my bohemian vibe while preserving the planet :] 

Peace, Jomama





Progress on the Emmy’s

As many of you know, I was asked by Ice Resin and CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) to create 5 bracelets that will be delivered to this year’s Emmy nominees. How exciting, right? Some of you have asked to have a peak at what I’m working on. So, here’s your peak..


peak 2 filters

peak 5 filters 2

peak 1 filterspeak 4 filterspeak 3 filters






Come on now, you didn’t think I’d give it way yet, did you?


Peace, Jomama


Jomama is going to the Emmy’s!

Follow the ICE Queen to the 2013 Emmys

Myself and the rest of the Ice Resin® design team members were asked to make 5 bracelets to be given to this year’s Emmy nominees. I am so excited to have the opportunity to have my designs submitted for this!

My goodie box arrived today (and of course i tore in!)

In the meantime, I have already been working away…

This is just the start of my creative journey along the road to the Emmy’s. Please continue to follow along and watch as my excitement grows!

Peace, Jomama

Coincidence or not

 Lately good vibes have been coming my way. No black cats crossing my path…Is it because I’m open to it? That I’m paying attention? I don’t know for sure, but who am I to question things?

Here’s the chain of events:

In March of 2012 I met Susan Lenart Kazmer at Artfest and became part of her mixed media design team in September. Late October I met Regina from RMA Design Studio. In a discussion, I discovered she manufactures in pewter (which I happened to be researching).

  Fast forward to July of this year: I am fortunate enough to meet the wonderful people at Makers Square in Ft Lauderdale. They are as passionate about creating as I am and in less than 2 weeks I will be teaching the very first class there on Ice Resin®!

A few months ago Regina and I got together and pow wowed! We produced some pieces and she sent me on my way.

Last week a friend asks if I want to get together and do a photo shoot with my jewelry. Well, YES!                         I’m (im)patiently awaiting the photos to add to my look book for my pitch for a major retailer. Can’t wait to see the photos…

I also had the good fortune of being given an enameling kiln last week. How sweet!

 Rewind to yesterday: I get an email presenting the opportunity to make jewelry that will end up in celebrities’ hands at the Emmy’s. Are you kidding me??? Of course I jumped on the opportunity.

I’d have to say the planets are aligning…

Peace, Jomama



Fun at Anthropologie hosted by AG Jeans

Thursday night crafting event @ Anthropologie in Aventura hosted by AG Jeans. AG is an eco minded company using Ozone technology and is made in Los Angeles (Yay to made in the USA).It was a fun night spent decorating AG tote bags with fabric and jewels which were recycled damaged items from Anthro. We talked and made new friends (and drank champagne 🙂 A good time was had by all. Thank you AG & Anthro!


anthro 2

anthro 4

anthro 3

Playing with resin

Being part of the Ice Resin® mixed media team is fun AND challenging for me. I’m being pushed creatively and I have committed to submit 2 projects a month, so I’ve been motivated too! (I can’t disappoint my team members!) This is my latest submission~ a faux cork bottle topper. Go on, click, take a closer look…


faux cork resin bottle topper
cork topper 2

cork topper 3cork topper 4

Having fun working


Ever wonder how you make a ring? With some wire and a stone. It’s really quite easy, (ok, maybe not the soldering part), but do you have the eye to put it together and make it exciting?

This ring I recently made started with the inspiration that came from this beautiful turquoise stone and I decided to follow it’s curvy shape.

So I begin; sketch, shape, then solder, then cut, then solder, then file, form, hammer, and polish. Isn’t it sweet?

Peace, Jomama


Image     ImageImageImage